The Berry Family Agency

Company Description

Our company is a family owned, Oklahoma proud establishment that provides top shelf consulting and services in the following areas - Health Insurance - ACA, Level Funded Group and Individual Private Plans. We find most people are concerned about having and providing the best health insurance for themselves and their employees, but do not have a true professional in their corner.

All forms of life insurance and disability insurance needs - focused on protecting your family and covering you liabilities so they can become assets to your family. We provide people with retirement consulting and programs that focus on Tax free growth, free of government interference by creating personalized pensions, both available in group settings and individuals settings. Yes! The pension does and can exist.

We have personal lending (secured and unsecured), commercial lending, mortgage lending, accounting services and Credit Card processing with all the needed technology to support your needs.

We have offices in Tulsa and OKC, but our services are statewide and do expand nationwide in most cases.


Financial Services

  • Credit Card Processing
  • Mortgages & Home Loans
  • Credit Unions

Professional Services

  • Business Services
  • Employee Benefits
  • Health Services
  • Insurance - All Types
  • Professional Services
  • Home Warranty / Insurance